Calculate Your Cost to go Solar

Get an instant estimate of cost and savings on a new solar system.


* This tool is for estimating purposes only. Actual costs may vary based on a variety of factors. We recommend having a free personalized solar quote performed by one of our solar design specialists. Offset is based on current 2020 utility charges in the Pacific NW region.

Costs & Incentives

Cost for Solar Array
solar panels, including installation. There may be additional upgrades required, e.g., electric main panel, or hidden conduit.
Less Federal Tax Credit
Net Cost after Tax Credit
A Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is generally available to anyone who purchases solar panels. Powerwall paired with solar, including existing solar PV systems, is a qualified expenditure. To be eligible for tax credits, you must have tax liability at least equal to the credit. Switch Electric Home Energy does not guarantee incentive amounts or your eligibility. Please consult with a tax advisor.
Price Per Watt$455
Approximate electric bill reduction

Get a Detailed Recommendation & Quote for Your Home.

Contact one of our consultants to find out the most cost-effective configuration for your home. We’ll consider details about your roof size and position, as well as how different configurations will impact your savings and return on investment.