Solar & Clean Energy

We’re dedicated to a clean energy future. We can help you install solar panels, electric car charging stations, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, and much more.

Switch Electric Home Energy’s highly trained and experienced team can design, install, and maintain all types of solar photovoltaic systems. When we work on an electrical system that will be on your property for 25+ years, our electricians take the utmost care to meet your exact needs.

Solar Options

Solar Panel Installation

There is no “one size fits all” in solar panels. At Switch Electric Home Energy, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your system is designed to fit your unique needs and wants. Our team of experienced electricians will help you design and implement a solar photovoltaic system with the perfect size, positioning, and aesthetic design for your home.

We are experienced in installing solar products from a variety of manufacturers, including:

  • SunPower
  • Generac PWRcell
  • Enphase
  • SnapNrack
  • Silfab
  • REC
  • SolarEdge

With every design, we perform a shading analysis and use LIDAR readings to predict lifelong production numbers. All solar panels installations come with a production guarantee for the first 10 years, a 15-year workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration guarantee.

Will Solar Work for My Home?

Click on the “Prequalify My Home” button below to use our Solar AI Software and quickly if solar will benefit your home! It’s free and only takes a few steps.

Off-grid Solar Power Systems

Off-grid living is possible even in the cloudiest parts of Washington State. When you pair a solar and battery system with a generator and update your home to be more energy-efficient where needed, you can capture all the power you need to live a sustainable, non-grid-dependent life.

Off-grid and battery backup systems are especially ideal for sites where grid power is not accessible or predictable. At Switch Electric, we can design and implement the ideal battery-powered systems for emergency power backup or living completely off the grid. 

Grid-tied Solar Power Systems

Grid-tied solar systems are an excellent choice for homeowners who have access to the utility grid. The upfront cost is lower, and the grid takes care of energy storage for you without the need for batteries. 

In Washington State, you can often sell any excess electricity you generate to your utility company. You can also use net metering to get credit in your utility account when your solar panels produce more than you need, then use that credit to pay your bills during times when your panels produce less. Grid-tied solar panels will pay you back!

The Omnidian Guarantee

Omnidian is the industry leader for solar monitoring. We partner with them on eligible solar systems to monitor and guarantee your systems production. Based out of Seattle, they have 24/7 monitoring with live support. Their cutting-edge technology allows them to monitor your solar system’s performance and troubleshoot underperforming systems often without a site visit! You’ll also receive quarterly reports on how your system is performing. The team at Omnidian is rich with solar experts committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

Battery Backup

Solar power backup batteries ensure you have power even when you don’t have access to a reliable utility grid. Your solar system will harness energy from the sun, then store it in a solar deep cycle battery to use when you need it.

We highly recommend installing a solar battery backup system if you live in an area with an unreliable grid, are susceptible to severe weather conditions, or simply wish to avoid dependence on public utilities.

Electric car charging stations

Need a charging station to power your new electric car? Switch Electric Home Energy is here to help! We can help you navigate your options and simplify the installation process so you have a charging station that will work perfectly for years to come.

Energy-efficient lighting upgrades

We can install a wide variety of lighting upgrades from all the major manufacturers to help you reduce your monthly energy usage. Our LED and energy-efficient lighting options are great for both your budget and your home’s aesthetics.

As with any home power system, your solar power system may occasionally need maintenance and service. Switch Electric Home Energy has the expertise you need to troubleshoot any problems you may experience with your solar panels and batteries.

Most photovoltaic systems need minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan. Unlike HVAC units and cars, solar systems have very few moving parts, making them incredibly simple to maintain. However, homeowners sometimes experience issues with their solar panels due to severe weather, faulty equipment, or just plain bad luck.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning dust, snow, and debris off your solar panels
  • Routine maintenance for the continued productivity of your system
  • Photovoltaic (PV) system repairs and corrections

Great customer service! Pricing for service was a fair competitive price, the customer service was excellent from start to finish! I would recommend Switch for any big or small electrical jobs!

Diana M

We had Switch Electric replace our 50 year-old electrical panel. They were easy to schedule the work with. They started and finished on time came on time and had the city inspector to our home to sign off on the finished work within 24 hours of completion.

Mike W

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