Generac PWRcell

Never be surprised by high electricity bills or utility power outages again when you have our fully integrated solar + battery storage system.

Electric utility rates are on the rise, with no relief in sight. In the past 10 years, electricity rates have increased by 14.1%. With PWRcell, you can easily save money and be prepared for power outages. Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly. Use the PWRcell battery system’s stored energy from solar panels to power your home during peak demand times or to provide power during utility power outages. Best of all the system is environmentally friendly and emits no fossil fuels or emissions

How It Works

The System Is As Easy As…

  1. PWRcell stores energy from either solar panels* or the electrical grid.
  2. The average system can offset 50-75% of your utility bill. Energy-efficient homes can see an offset of 100%.
  3. During a utility power outage, the energy stored in PWRcell can be discharged to provide backup power. Your family and home stay safe and comfortable.

Fully Integrated Solar + Storage

PWRcell is the first fully integrated solar + battery storage system available on the market. And Generac’s PWRzone combines fewer complex components, which allows for easier and faster installation.

Why PWRcell?

If you’re looking for a fully-integrated solar + battery storage system, Generac’s PWRcell is the right product for you. When compared to other storage systems on the market, PWRcell is the clear winner.

In a side-by-side comparison to the Tesla Powerwall, Generac’s PWRcell system offers:

• 27% More Battery Capacity
• 34% More Continuous Power
• 43% More Peak Power

PWRcell’s Standard System Provides 8.6kWh Of Storage Capacity & Includes:

• 1 PWRcell Inverter
• 1 Battery Storage Cabinet
• 3 Lithium Ion Battery Modules

Customizable Options

Only Generac offers a modular design that allows you to expand your storage capacity as your power needs evolve.

More Information

Download the Generac PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage Brochure


Solar Financing Available

Experienced and proficient in installing Sunpower, Silfab, SolarEdge, Generac PWRCell, LG Chem, Outback Power, Magnum Energy, and Snap-N-Rack products.

10 year craftsmanship warranty with a roof penetration guarantee.

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