Last updated on January 9th, 2024 at 08:58 pm

Solar Monitoring

At Switch Electric, we partner with Omnidian on many of our solar power systems. As an industry leader for solar monitoring, they use some of the best technology available to monitor your system’s performance, troubleshoot problems, and guarantee production.

We’ve frequently been impressed by Omnidian’s ability to diagnose problems, often without needing a site visit. Read on to see why you will love working with this solar monitoring system.

1. 24/7 Solar Monitoring

Omnidian monitors clients’ systems 24/7. They use rapid remote diagnostics and track energy generated while taking factors like weather into account, so you know right away if there’s a problem.

With all this monitoring, Omnidian can help you maximize your solar power investment. If there’s a problem with your solar system, Omnidian will call you to let you know. It’s truly a set-it-and-forget-it system.

Contact us today to learn more about setting up 24/7 monitoring for your solar power system.

2. Live Support

One of our favorite things about Omnidian is the excellent customer support they have provided our customers. They have a nationwide network of pre-qualified service professionals who can provide maintenance, coordinate support, and provide post-service performance certification. Whenever you have questions, their team is just a click or call away.

The Omnidian team has consistently shown that they truly care about their customers. You can expect relatively hassle-free service.

3. Cutting-Edge Solar Monitoring Technology

Solar Monitoring

Omnidian uses some of the best technology on the market to identify everything that goes on with your solar power system. They do a great job of accounting for weather-related factors in their reporting and diagnosing issues quickly.

With this technology in place, the Omnidian team sometimes knows about issues with your solar power system even before you do.

4. Excellent troubleshooting

One of Omnidian’s strengths is its ability to detect and diagnose issues remotely. While no remote monitoring system can substitute for an in-person technician in every scenario, Omnidian’s system is often able to solve the problem without a site visit. They have some of the best diagnosis and troubleshooting features we’ve seen.

Omnidian’s industry-leading technology can identify almost any problem, from shading and soiling to weather and component failure. The algorithms remotely identify the root cause, and then their team handles the solution.

5. Quarterly Solar Monitoring System Performance Reports 

Omnidian creates personalized reports that track the energy your system generates and take the weather and other factors into account. They keep you informed about how your investment is performing, and why.

6. The Omnidian Guarantee

Omnidian stands behind its systems. They provide performance assurance for a wide range of solar investments, including both single systems and large portfolios. They can even guarantee annual energy generation.

Ready to Get Started With Your Own Solar Monitoring System?

Switch Electric partners with Omnidian to provide and maintain high-performing solar power systems throughout Washington. Contact us today to learn more about options for your home or organization.