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Here in Washington, we are no strangers to rain, bad storms, and power outages. Installing a generator is an excellent solution to ensure you have a reliable source of backup power to hold you over when your electricity goes out.

A generator can help with everything from keeping the lights on to providing power to your refrigerator. Should you choose a select-circuit generator, you will need to have a transfer switch installed to connect it to your electrical system. At Switch Electric, we can help you select and install the best units for your home.

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What Is a Select-Circuit Generator?

There are several types of generators, usually organized into categories based on how the unit gets power. Most whole-home and select-circuit generators are fueled by natural gas and propane, while portable units are the only ones that run on gasoline. Whole-home units are connected to the entire electrical system permanently, while a standby or select-circuit generator is attached only to the circuits you want to power in the event of an outage. This system works by using an automatic transfer switch to connect a breaker panel. When the generator senses that the power has gone out, the chosen breakers are backed up by the generator.

This type of system could be used to keep your selected essentials powered, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Medical equipment
  • Heating and cooling units

Select-circuit generators are particularly great options for budget-conscious customers or those who have smaller homes. Because select-circuit generators only power certain parts of your electrical system, they are cheaper to operate than a whole-home generator.

Experienced Electricians in Everett

If you’re interested in installing a generator in your home, allow the experienced team at Switch Electric to serve your needs. With plenty of experience in the industry and extensive training, we're committed to ensuring your secondary power source is safely integrated. Whether you need our Everett generator technicians to install your unit for the first time or to fix your existing generator, you can count on us to get the job done right.

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