Span Smart Home Electrical Panel

Have a backup plan and never be surprised by another weather-related power outage again when you pair our all-electrical home panel with your home battery.

With a Span Smart Home Electrical Panel, you can easily save money and be prepared for power outages. Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly. Pair the SPAN electrical panel with your home battery to easily control how much power your are using or to provide power during weather-related power outages. 

How It Works

Your Existing Electric Panel Will Be Replaced

Span is installed by a licensed electrician, and installation costs the same as replacing a traditional electric panel. SPAN is built to last outdoors and it is designed to blend in your indoor spaces as well.

Control Every Circuit from Your Home

Every circuit is now a connected circuit – Span is designed to give you full control over how your battery is used, letting you categorize each circuit among three priority levels: Must have, Nice to have, and Not essential. 

Stay Connected Through Your Phone and App

If you are experiencing a power outage during the night or in the middle of the day, SPAN makes it possible for you to power your bedroom or office space as needed right from your phone – it’s as easy as dragging and dropping in your circuits underneath each category.

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