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Make your home a powerhouse of efficiency, comfort, and convenience. Go green, lower your energy bills, and enjoy total peace of mind with electrification services.

Our Electrification Services

Our electrification services can help you take control over high utility bills and embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Imagine a home where your heating, cooling, and appliances are all powered by clean electricity, reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. Plus, with smart home features integrated into your electrification system, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort and convenience of controlling your environment with just a tap or voice command.

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Solar Energy Storage Systems

Switch Electric Home Energy offers custom solar photovoltaic system design, installation, and maintenance. We understand that a solar system is a long-term investment, so we work closely with you to design a storage system perfectly sized and positioned for your specific needs.

Span Smart Home Electrical Panels

Upgrade your home’s electrical panel to a Span Smart Panel to save on energy costs and prepare for outages. This modern panel seamlessly integrates with your home battery for power management and control, all conveniently managed from your phone

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are an investment, and the best system for you will depend on your specific needs. Switch Electric Home Energy offers custom solar photovoltaic systems designed to fit your home and energy goals. We have experience working with a variety of high-quality solar products, including SunPower, Generac PWRcell, Enphase, SnapNrack, Silfab, REC, and SolarEdge.

EV Chargers

Installing an EV charger at home is a convenient way to keep your electric vehicle powered when and where you need it. Switch Electric’s EV charger installers are qualified and trained to install these systems safely, especially for higher-powered Level 2 chargers. They can also assess your electrical panel capacity and handle any necessary wiring upgrades.

Home Battery Backup Systems

Home battery backup systems can provide peace of mind during power outages. They store energy, either from your solar panels or the grid, to power your essential appliances or even your entire home when the main power goes out. Our team can help you choose the ideal size and capacity for your needs.

PWRCell Generac Battery Backups

Generac PWRcell is a fully integrated solar power and battery storage system that can offset 50-75% of your utility bill, plus provide backup power during outages. As electricity rates rise and power outages become more common, PWRCell is a flexible, powerful solution.

Proud Qmerit Partners Helping Seattle Homes Go Electric

Thinking about joining the electric vehicle revolution or revamping your home’s energy efficiency? Switch Electric simplifies the process. As a proud Qmerit partner, we offer unmatched expertise for electrification projects of all sizes, from installing convenient home EV charging stations to equipping your home to go solar. This powerful partnership equips us with the resources and knowledge to seamlessly transition your Seattle-area home toward a cleaner, greener future.

Our partnership with Qmerit, a leader in green energy solutions, empowers us to provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Whether you desire the comfort and convenience of a smart electrical panel, a reliable backup generator, or energy-efficient lighting solutions, our team of experts will work closely with you to craft a customized plan. By choosing Switch Electric and Qmerit, you’re not just investing in your property’s value, you’re joining a movement towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Click here to learn more about Qmerit’s commitment to helping America go electric with superior quality and service.

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Is My Home Ready to Go Solar?

While Seattle is known for receiving less sunshine compared to some areas, solar power can still be a great option for many PNW homeowners! The key factors to consider are your roof and energy use. South-facing roofs with minimal shade are ideal, but other orientations can still work. Think about your electricity bills—higher usage means greater potential savings from solar.

Washington state also has an attractive incentive structure that can help offset the cost of installation. For a more personalized answer, prequalify your home to go solar online or schedule a consultation with the local, qualified solar panel installers at Switch Electric!

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